The Beacons Shoot is the perfect introduction to Authentic British Shooting.  With daily bag sizes starting at 100 birds and culminating at 200 birds, we ease you into this one of kind experience with instruction and guidance that will quickly have you taking higher and higher birds with confidence.

—  Wales  —

Rolling patchwork hillsides…welcoming pub town…unforgettable shooting

At Delaney & Sons our primary goal is to remove the barriers to entry often encountered with driven shooting by providing a seamless, hassle-free experience that integrates our guests into the countryside and the local fabric. We want our guests to succeed and build confidence, so we have shooting instructors on hand to help with high incoming birds. With two primary shoots packages in Wales, The Beacons Shoot and The Black Mountain Shoot (both described below), we are able to accommodate the expert shot as well as those new to driven shooting. Both are tailored, full week experiences, shooting progressive bags at a different estate each day. We strive to honor the traditions and hunting etiquette of this sport, while avoiding pretense. 


The Beacons Shoot

—  $9,950  —
November 29 - December 5, 2020
(the week after Thanksgiving)

—  Five Estates  —

—  800-850 birds  —
pheasant, partridge, teal, mallard, woodcock

—  8 shooters max  —
Beginner to Intermediate
coaching available

The Black Mountain Shoot

—  $11,750  —
December 6 - December 12, 2020

—  Five Estates  —

—  1000+ birds —
pheasant, partridge, teal, mallard, woodcock

—  8 - 9 shooters  —
Intermediate to Advanced
coaching available

What’s Included

  • Accommodations in historic manor home

  • All meals including game prepared by our private chef

  • Use of our Vintage & Modern guns

  • Ammunition

  • Ground transport to and from Heathrow Airport and shooting estates

  • Visitor Permits and insurance while shooting

  • Elevenses and drinks in the field


Companion cost     $2,250
Monday: Day of Touring Tuesday: Market day at Abergavenny Wednesday: Day in the field or in Crickhowell Thursday: Day of touring Friday: Day in the field or in Crickhowell. Your companion can also share the shooting days with you. All inclusions above apply. 

Doug ‘18, ‘19 brings down a pheasant on the Lady Smith drive at Riverside. Sean is loading while, Celeste ‘18, ‘19 looks on.

Doug ‘18, ‘19 brings down a pheasant on the Lady Smith drive at Riverside. Sean is loading while, Celeste ‘18, ‘19 looks on.

—  TestimonialS  —

The British driven shooting scene can seem intimidating and elitist to American bird hunters, but that’s generally because it is misunderstood. Fortunately, a couple (Liz and Sean Delaney) from Pennsylvania are on a mission to change that.

Marcus Jannsen writing for Covey Rise 

The signature drive at Riverside has the guns at the base of a cliff with their backs to the river. Pheasants are driven over the cliff-edge where they are high and wheeling as they shoot out from the wooded cliff side and try to curl back quickly to the safety of the trees. This drive was a thrilling climax to the week and it felt like the preceding days shooting had been pointing towards this moment, which was over all-too-soon.

Matt Haney writing for The Vintager