The Perthshire Shoot in Scotland


Included in the Cost:

  • 6 Day Experience (October 15th - 20th, 2019)

  • 4 days of shooting

  • Historic Accommodation in a traditional shoot hotel

  • All meals

  • Vintage & Modern Guns plus Shells

  • Visitor Permits and Insurance

  • Drinks in the field

  • Transportation to and from Edinburgh and shooting estates

  • 8x8 hard cover photo album of trip

Not included in the Cost:

  • Flight to Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Alcohol

  • Gratuities

Driven Shooting Scotland 

We will be shooting four distinct but equally beautiful estates with well presented drives and friendly keepers.  By hunting different estates each day we are able to provide you with unrivaled opportunities for multiple species - including pheasant, duck, and red legged partridge - all driven, all sporting, and all a true challenge.  We do this in a manner that honors tradition and hunting etiquette while avoiding pretense.  Bag size per day will be between 200 - 300 birds. Click below for the itinerary and all pertinent information.  $11,500