The Tradition Awaits in Wales

The Beacons Shoot is the perfect introduction to Authentic British Shooting.  With daily bag sizes starting at 100 birds and culminating at 200 birds, we ease you into this one of kind experience with instruction and guidance that will quickly have you taking higher and higher birds with confidence.  $9750

Included in the Cost:

  • 7 Day Experience: 2019: Sunday, November 24th - Saturday November 30th, 2019 2020: Sunday, November 29th - Saturday, December 5th

  • 5 days of shooting on 5 different estates

  • Pheasant, Woodcock, Partridge, Mallard & Teal

  • Historic Accommodation in a traditional manor home

  • All meals, including those prepared by our private chef

  • Vintage & Modern Guns plus Shells

  • Ground transportation to and from Heathrow and shooting estates

  • Visitor Permits and Insurance

  • Drinks in the field

  • 8x8 hard cover photo album of trip



Not included in the Cost:

  • Flight to London, Heathrow

  • Drinks in the evening

  • Gratuities


The signature drive at Riverside has the guns at the base of a cliff with their backs to the river. Pheasants are driven over the cliff-edge where they are high and wheeling as they shoot out from the wooded cliff side and try to curl back quickly to the safety of the trees. This drive was a thrilling climax to the week and it felt like the preceding days shooting had been pointing towards this moment, which was over all-too-soon.

Matt Haney writing for The Vintager

The experience was truly unique.  Staying in a classic 16th Century hotel in the charming rural village of Crickhowell, shooting a mixed bag (pheasant, partridge, ducks, and woodcock) on a new estate daily were just some of the highlights.  What I thought to be a one time experience turned into me returning for the next five years.  The memories, and, more importantly, the friendships developed during those years, will last a lifetime.
— David J.