How do I pay for my trip?
We ask that a 50% deposit of $5,750 be made at the time of booking to secure your spot for the 2020 Driven Grouse Experience.  The balance of $5,750 must be paid by March 15, 2020.  

What if my spouse wants to come?
Spouses are welcome to attend for an extra $2300.  This includes five nights' lodging, all meals, drinks in the field, transportation, two organized day trips including tours of Blair Castle and The Cairn Gorms, a shopping trip to House of Bruar.  They are encouraged to come and watch during the shooting at Glenmuick or relax in the town of Ballater.  Spouses are welcome to share pegs on some or all days.  Please let us know.

What date should I arrive in Edinburgh?
We suggest arriving in Edinburgh on Saturday 12 September or early in the morning on Sunday 13 September, 2020.  Our shuttle will pick you up at 10:30 am on Sunday morning.

What date should I depart from Edinburgh?
Book your departure flight after 1:30pm on Saturday 19 September.  Our shuttle will drop you off at Edinburgh around 11:00.  If plans are made outside of our group pick up and drop with the shuttle, you will have to find your own transportation to Glenmuick.  If you are traveling with your own gun, we recommend departing after 2:30 to allow time to clear Customs and Border Control.  

What clothing is required?    What is the etiquette?
Many shooters like to wear typical English shooting attire, but it is not a requirement.  If you are looking for a particular bit of kit, we can offer suggestions.  Staying comfortable, warm and dry is most important.  No camouflage or blaze orange though.  Rubber boots, rain gear, layered clothing, dry boots, good shooting gloves, a tie, a comfortable jacket and a friendly attitude.  Eye protection and ear protection are required. The etiquette of British Shooting is described well here by Purdey. 

What if I want to bring my own guns?
That is perfectly alright, and we will introduce you to our local agent in the UK who can arrange for your Visitor's Permit for temporary importation. 

What is included in the trip?
Ground transport, lodging, all food, gun hire, Visitor’s Permits for use of our guns, ammunition, and drinks in the field on the shoots.

What is not included in the trip?
Flight to Edinburgh, drinks in the evening, daily tips to the head keepers (£80-£100 per day) and other various tips for staff, shooting instructors, loaders, and our keepers, if desired.

What if I need to cancel my trip?

All deposits are refundable if someone has to cancel provided we can get someone to fill the peg.  There has been a waiting list every year, so filling the spot, given enough notice, may be feasible.  We highly recommend that you get trip cancellation insurance regardless, and we can provide recommendations. 

What is the town of Ballater like?
The town is a charming jewel of the Cairngorms, with many cultural opportunities and speciality stores. Learn more about Ballater here

How much money should I bring?
Other past shooters suggest no less than £500.  Gratuities to the head keepers, while discretionary, generally total around £300 for the week.  The rest should be enough for incidentals.  US debit cards will not always work in Scotland, and make sure that you bring chip enabled credit cards. We would recommend that people arrive with some pounds regardless.  Your local bank should be able to help you. 

Can I speak with past shooters?  Absolutely and we recommend that you do; they sell the shoot well!  Shooters from past trips will be more than happy to share their experiences and speak with you further about our shoot.  Contact us for a list of references.