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We are with you every step of the way to make this experience as seamless as possible. Always happy to answer questions (we love what we do!) and just a phone call or email away. But in the meantime, below are some helpful details to get you started.

We ask that a deposit of $3000 be made at the time of booking to secure your spot for the trip of your choice.  Two more installments will occur prior to the summer before your trip. We send you a detailed invoice when you book.

Spouses are welcome to attend for an extra cost.  Spouses that wish to share a peg and shoot are more than encouraged! We’ve partnered with a local tour company to take guests out for two days of sightseeing. The other days can be filled with shopping, a nearby spa, or just relaxing at home or in town.

Arrival and Departure
Getting yourself to the airport is all you have to do. We will arrange pick up from either the airport or a nearby recommended hotel. Many shooters come a day early to beat some of the jet lag. Book your incoming and outgoing flights so that it aligns with our group pick up times. Kevin, Sean or Liz will be there to greet you! If your flight is delayed, we can arrange a taxi service to bring you to our home for the week.

Many shooters like to wear typical English shooting attire, but it is not a requirement.  If you are looking for a particular bit of kit, we can offer suggestions.  Staying comfortable, warm and dry is most important.  No camouflage or blaze orange and wearing drab colors of greens and brown is good.  Rubber boots, rain gear, warm layered clothing in case of cold weather, good shooting gloves, a tie (optional), a comfortable jacket and a friendly attitude.  Eye protection and ear protection are highly recommended. The etiquette of British Shooting is described well here by our friends at Purdey. 

There is no need for you to travel with your gun. We have about a dozen 12 gauge shotguns, vintage and modern, both side by sides and over under, for you to choose from. If you wish to bring your own gun/s, that is perfectly alright, and we will arrange for your Visitor's Permit for temporary importation. It is not a big hassle to travel with guns, but please let us know right away as it takes 4 months to process the gun permits. 

Trip Inclusions
Ground transport, lodging, all food, gun hire, Visitor’s Permits for use of our guns or yours, ammunition, and insurance while shooting. Even gun slips, cartridge bags and walking sticks are provided. Drinks in the field on the shoots are included (along with drinks in the evenings in Spain only).

Trip Exclusions
Flight to the destination airport (London, Edinburgh, or Madrid), drinks in the evening, daily tips to the head keepers (£40-£60 per day) and other various tips for hotel staff, shooting instructors, and our keepers, if desired. Dedicated loaders cost between £50-£70 per day. We suggest coming with at least £550.

Trip Cancellation

All deposits are refundable if someone has to cancel provided we can get someone to fill the peg.  There has been a waiting list every year, so filling the spot, given enough notice, may be feasible.  Even if someone cancels at the last minute and we can’t fill the spot, a portion of the money would be returned.  Certain costs would remain even if someone didn’t attend, the cost to each estate specifically, food related costs would not be incurred, and we could not in good conscience keep it.  We highly recommend that you get trip cancellation insurance regardless, and we can provide recommendations. 


We recommend that you speak with our past shooters. They sell the shoots well!  Shooters from past trips will be more than happy to share their experiences and speak with you further about our shoot.  Sean ( or Patti ( is a good place to start. 


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